A/C Coil Cleaning


Turn to the professionals at Tennessee Clean Air when you need your A/C coils cleaned, whether for your home, business or industrial facility.

A/C coils are an important part of an air conditioning system. Made of metal, they are responsible for carrying the heat from your building and releasing it outdoors. A/C units located outside collect more dirt and dust than those in attics or other enclosed spaces, but they all get dirty.

This dirt hampers the ability of the coils to release the heat and puts a burden on the A/C motor. It can even cause the coils to freeze up, a common problem that requires a day of waiting for them to thaw as well as remediation of the problem. Trying to run your A/C without finding out why it froze up can lead to damage of the compressor, which can get expensive.

Even if it never freezes up, your unit will run more efficiently with regular coil cleaning. Not only that, but your energy costs will be lower because it will require less effort on the part of the A/C to cool your home.

Lastly, clean coils mean better air quality inside your home or business. Cleaning the coils also extends the life of your A/C unit, which saves you more money.


A/C coil cleaning is not generally considered a DIY job. You can’t just grab a Swiffer and dust them off.

The first step in cleaning A/C coils is to safely disconnect the unit from its power source. This prevents workers from getting an electric shock, and it helps prevent the unit from getting damaged.

If the unit hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, we need to first use brushes to remove large visible debris. Next we use a special spray cleaner to coat the coils. Some HVAC techs just spray the coils with water, but this doesn’t always remove all the stuck-on gunk.

We let the spray soak the coils, then we use a hose to rinse away the cleaner and the dirt. It’s important to use the correct amount of pressure and to aim the hose in the right direction to avoid bending the fins.

Homeowners who love DIY can help maintain their A/C units by making sure to remove any nearby plants and to sweep away leaves that may have settled on the fan. Your A/C needs space to perform its duties efficiently.


This depends on many factors. These include the size of your property and A/C system, how often you use it, how often you change the filter and how much dust and dirt your system is exposed to.

If your A/C unit is near your dryer vent, for instance, your coils can become coated with excess lint. If you use a lawn mower near your A/C, the expelled bits of grass can find their way to the coils and latch on.

Most systems should be cleaned at least once a year in late winter or early spring, before you need to use it.

If the dust is not removed periodically from your A/C unit, it will have to work harder to cool your home, and this means higher energy bills. Over time, dirty coils may prevent your A/C unit from properly cooling your home.

When you own a business, coil cleaning is even more important, since commercial units are usually bigger, and any breakdowns may result in temporary closure and lost revenue.

Preventive maintenance is much less costly — in terms of real revenue and physical discomfort.

Your A/C works hard. Make it easier for this workhorse — call Tennessee Clean Air today and schedule an A/C coil cleaning service.


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