Air Duct Cleaning


Tennessee Clean Air offers an array of services to help purify the air you breathe, but the most requested is air duct cleaning.

You may not give a whole lot of thought to the air you breathe in your home. Since it is largely odorless and colorless, we often tend to take the air in our homes for granted. But just because you can’t smell or see any problems with the air in your Tennessee home doesn’t mean it’s clean and safe. How can you tell if there’s a problem?

Sometimes homeowners get sick and eventually notice that their cough, cold or congestion is lingering longer than they expected. Unfortunately, visiting the doctor may do nothing to solve the problem.

If the issue lies in the air in your home, a prescription won’t help. Cleaning your air ducts, however, might be the answer. Your air ducts harbor dust, dirt, bacteria, mold and more — all contaminants that can cause persistent illnesses.

Cleaning Your Air Ducts Boosts A/C Efficiency

If your air ducts get clogged with debris, this means your A/C can’t to its job as well. You may notice your unit is on all the time, but the air remains stale and humid. This may cause you to think that your A/C is broken. But in reality, a thorough air duct cleaning often corrects the problem.

A central A/C system blows about 400 to 450 cubic feet of air per minute through the ducts in your home. If these air ducts are clogged, then the A/C unit has to work harder. When your A/C is on all this time, your electric bills are higher and your home stays warmer and stuffier.


Tennessee Clean Air has more than 60 years of experience cleaning air ducts, so you can be certain when you hire us, we’ll leave the air in your home or business as clean and pure as the pristine Tennessee air outside.

Our first step is to do a thorough inspection using fiber optic cameras to look for dirt, dust and debris. At this time, we also see if there are any breaches or gaps in the ducts’ seams that may allow contaminants in. Next, we use sweepers and brushes to free the dust clinging to the insides of the vents. Then we use a high-powered vacuum to suck out all the debris, leaving your ducts clean and clear.

We finish by doing a second inspection with our camera to be certain that we removed all the dirt and contaminants from your air ducts.

Your health and the health of your family is paramount. Dirty air ducts blow dust, pollen, dander and other allergens into your house every time your A/C compressor kicks on. Your house will be cleaner, safer and healthier if your air ducts are clean. Contact Tennessee Clean Air today and schedule your appointment to breathe easier.


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